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Solar Energy Benefits

  • Create Energy Independence
  • Solar is Secure Investment
  • Protect Against Rising Energy Cost
  • Guaranteed Performance
  • Energy Management.
  • Save the Enviroment
  • The Power From Sun is Free

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Commercial Wind Turbines

Energy bills are rising from 20% to 30% per year, with no end in sight. People just cannot afford diesel any longer. Our turbines are optimised for businesses just like yours.

When people think of wind turbines, they think of large-scale wind farms. Our turbines are smaller, designed for installation in regular domestic or commercial environments.

Why Wind Power ?

It is the energy of the future! We use only high quality parts from German manufacturers, as opposed to cheap 3rd party Chinese products of low quality and reliability.


Cut your electricity bills
Store excess energy for times of low wind
10 Year manufacturer warranty as standard

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It Just Works

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Seemless Auto-Switching

Our switches will automatically switch between wind, solar and other energy sources, so you get zero downtime. Most people in Pakistan still switch their power sources manually.

Eliminate Costs

There is an initial investment when purchasing and installing the turbines, but after that you get free energy, all the time, no matter what.

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Power cuts? What power cuts?

Wind power is reliable -- especially in a country like Pakistan, and much more so than traditional diesel-based power generation. When combined with solar technology, it will remove your dependence from commercial energy providers, for good.

Get Off The Grid

Solar power means that you can finally have an infinite, renewable energy source that will remove your need for energy providers.

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Micro Wind Turbines

If you are considering using renewable energy in your home then you may consider a micro wind turbine. This is, in essence, a much smaller version of the ones you see dotted around the landscape.

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