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Solar Energy Benefits

  • Create Energy Independence
  • Solar is Secure Investment
  • Protect Against Rising Energy Cost
  • Guaranteed Performance
  • Energy Management.
  • Save the Enviroment
  • The Power From Sun is Free

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Solar Water Pumps

Solar Water Pumps allow water to be accessed in remote rural locations, or areas where traditional systems are otherwise unavailable. The main advantage is that they require little fuel or maintenance.

Solar powered submersible pumps are used for wells, boreholes, water transfer, cattle & livestock watering and irrigation. The price of solar PV panels has dropped significantly in recent years, making this technology extremely affordable.

Most pump systems do not use batteries, but instead the water is pumped where daylight permits, typically stored into a raised storage tank allowing access to water whenever necessary.


Many businesses rely on incredible amounts of water to function -- but pumping water requires electricity. Solar Water Pumps are autonomous, requiring no energy at all from the grid, and with little maintenance.

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