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Solar Energy Benefits

  • Create Energy Independence
  • Solar is Secure Investment
  • Protect Against Rising Energy Cost
  • Guaranteed Performance
  • Energy Management.
  • Save the Enviroment
  • The Power From Sun is Free

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LED Lights

To Insurance energy efficiency Alpha solar has Partnered with the worlds best Leading LED Light manufacturers to ensure quality products for indoor & outdoor applicants.


LED Lights do not get hot like traditional incandescent bulbs, nor do they contain mercury like CFL or Fluorescent tube lighting. In this sense, they are more environmentally friendly


  • LED consumes 80 % less power than the normal conversational light bulbs & longer life span as much as 50,000 hours or almost 6 years. That is, 6 years when left on constantly -- you only need to turn the lights on at night time, and that's only when you are awake, so these will literally last decades before needing to be replaced in homes, and for 24-hour business operations, about 10 years or more.
  • LED Lights are extra ordinary durable as compared to normal bulbs

  • Considered LED as a one time cost but signinficant savings in electric bills

  • Healthier

    Flicker? Headaches? Eye-strain? Those are reserved for incandescent and fluorescent bulbs -- LEDs are newer, and do not have these problems.

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