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Solar Energy Benefits

  • Create Energy Independence
  • Solar is Secure Investment
  • Protect Against Rising Energy Cost
  • Guaranteed Performance
  • Energy Management.
  • Save the Enviroment
  • The Power From Sun is Free

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Agriculture Solar Pump

Alpha Solar provides the best solar water pumping solutions for your Agriculture Farms , ,Village water supply tanks ,Fish Ponds ,Dairy Farms etc.

The Best solar energy Production during the sunny weather when the need of water is most important & solar water Pumps are specially design to utilized DC electric Power from PV Panels to your existing AC Pumps already installed or you can also have a New DC Pumps sets alternatively .

Benefits of Solar Powered water Pumps

  1. Zero Running Cost
  2. No Electricity Bills
  3. No need of Diesel/Petrol Genset.
  4. No need of storage system.
  5. Best and affordable for remote areas.
  6. Start work form early morning till best sunsine.
  7. Investment Return in 3 to 6 year - Depends on system size .
  8. One Time investment - Life time Acheivement .

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