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ISO 9001-ISO 14001

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Solar Energy Benefits

  • Create Energy Independence
  • Solar is Secure Investment
  • Protect Against Rising Energy Cost
  • Guaranteed Performance
  • Energy Management.
  • Save the Enviroment
  • The Power From Sun is Free

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Company Accreditations

Alpha Solar is 100% committed to customer satisfaction. Established in 2012, we are passionate about what we do, and we do not outsource; as such, all of our engineers are in-house, so you always know that you will be dealing with us and only us. Please find below our main industry accreditations.

Pakistan Solar Association

PSA for formulating solar mission plan : Alpha Solar is Executive Member of PSA.

Pakistan Engineering Council

The Pakistan Engineering Council is a statutory body, constituted under the PEC Act 1976 (V of 1976) amended upto 24th January 2011, to regulate the engineering profession in the country such that it shall function as key driving force for achieving rapid and sustainable growth in all national, economic and social fields. The council shall as its mission set and maintain realistic and internationally relevant standards of professional competence and ethics for engineers, and licence engineers, and engineering institutions to competently and professionally promote and uphold the standards....

ISO 9001-ISO 14001

ISO 9001 was setup to ensure that companies meet stringent Quality Guidelines for all work that they do, regardless or size and complexity. While MCS and REAL specifically relate to renewable energy products, BSI relates to all products and management services in general. The fact that we are to become accredited in this area is an added assurance to you, that MAK Energy will always dedicated to meeting the requirements set out by the standard, so that you get the best possible product installation and maintenance, all the time.

Alternative Energy Development Board

Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) is the sole representing agency of the Federal Government that was established in May 2003 with the main objective to facilitate, promote and encourage development of Renewable Energy in Pakistan and with a mission to introduce Alternative and Renewable Energies (AREs) at an accelerated rate. The administrative control of AEDB was transferred to Ministry of Water and Power in 2006.

Lahore Chamber Of Commerce Industry

To be the finest organization to serve the business community and to conduct its practices in best possible professional manner. To be a bridge between the Business Community and Regulatory Bodiesfor in policy advocacy. To seek long term relations with members reflecting fairness, honesty and transparency. To build good repute of the Organization and maintaining high professional and ethical standards. To conduct Business with integrity and strive to be a top Chamber in the Region..

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